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Cosmetics Addiction: Graduation

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”-  Eleanor Roosevelt


Graduation is the end of our school days in the school where you graduated. Just the school days. Because if you graduated in high school, there’s still college. But if you graduated in college, real life begins. And in real life, there are no more teachers to tell you that your answer is wrong or that you are correct. No more grades or classroom. No more physical education classes where in you have to embarrass yourself infront of many people. School is over, life begins. That’s how important graduation is.

My niece just graduated from high school. She is now in Davao to pursue her college dreams. As she wanted to be one of the most beautiful during the ceremony, she asked me to do her make-up. And viola:

Sorry for not having a clear picture. I forgot to ask her for some pictures. If you look closely, you could see the flaw. A major thing I forgot. The bottom part of her eyes! I was planning to use a white or peach eyebrow pencil but I totally forgot that’s why she looks sleepy. Good thing she still looked pretty.

A very important person also graduated this year, my ever beautiful cousin. She called me a week before her graduation and ORDERED me to do her make-up. I got excited too so I did and the picture is below.

As you can see, I did the same look for her and my niece. Hers looked perfect since I promised not to forget anything anymore. HAHA.

The things I used for them are the following:

  1. Skin White Cream as make up base
  2. Sansan Foundation
  3. Concealer
  4. Myra E Compact Powder to set the foundation (Any loose powder will do)
  5. Hema Eyeshadow Set
  6. Light Colored Eyebrow Pencil for the bottom part of the eyes
  7. 16 Mink Clinique Eyebrow Pencil for the eyebrows
  8. Maybeline Blush
  9. Ever Bilena Matte Pink plus a local brand orange colored lipstick

You can try the look or do your own version. Whatever. Just enjoy. Have fun! J

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