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Cosmetics Addiction: First Works

I would like to share to everyone some of my first works. Hey, don’t be rude people. This was my FIRST TIME being a makeup artist in a “photo shoot” with my cousins. Actually, this was also their first photo shoot. We were all first timers so yeah. You might want to check out their works at facebook, MAKLY Digital Photography. Anyways, all cosmetic brands used here are local and can be bought anywhere in the market. So you can also try doing this at home and just feel the colors.


This is my niece. See how “novice” I really am. I wanted it to be playful and young. I used two shades of blue for the eyeshadows. The lighter one must be over-exaggerated so you might want to do that first. The darker color is concentrated in the eyelids. I used a Matte Pink from Ever Bilena for her lips. I think this accentuates the blue color in her eyes.

This is my cousin, pretty isn’t she? Everyone thinks she has Mexican or American in her blood but we really don’t know. What we are sure is Chinese blood runs in her veins. Anyways, I wanted her beauty to come out naturally. What’s more natural than the color green, right? I used two shades of green for her eyes. Like what I did before with my niece, the lighter shade was exaggerated while the darker is concentrated within the lids. I used light natural-colored lipstick on her.


Looks familiar? Yes that’s the one in the header portion of my blog. And yes, that’s me. I wanted mine to be a bit darker so I used dark eyeshadows for my eyes. Both are black, it’s just that the other shade has glitters on it. I used a red Revlon lipstick for my lips to make it sexier. I figured that since my outfit is shaded red, I could use some red on my lips too. I also wanted to highlight my asset. HAHA. Since I don’t have the perfect nose, I decided that I should draw the attention towards my full lips.

That’s it. More make-up thingies to come soon. Enjoy and explore the beauty of cosmetics 🙂

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